Why rth labs?

I often describe my having become a mom as my getting a second chance at life. Creating and raising a child has filled me with an immense sense of responsibility to strive to be the best possible version of me. My daughter continues to serve as an inspiration and motivation for me. And rth labs is inspired by her.

Children are our teachers.

Somewhere along most of our adult lives we lose touch with the curiosity and wonder of being a child. Then, waking up to that fact, we spend time meditating, being in nature, playing – attempting to reconnect to that and more.

When my daughter was in preschool she learned to spell phonetically and her dad and I delighted in the words she conceived. Her preschool spelling of earth was one of my favorites. She brought home this beauty and I cut it out and hung it in my office as a reminder of how effective communication need not be perfect and in fact we should marvel in its imperfectness.

As technology advances and computers are able to take on more and more of the work humans do today, it will be the messy, imperfect work left for us to do. It will be human acts of creativity, beauty, and meaning that become increasingly valued.

As we have seen, it is not to be assumed that technology will save us. Despite all our advances in AI and robotics, we are still significantly impacted by climate change, pandemics, acts of war, inequality, bias, and other forces resulting in human and animal suffering. Many of our political and economic systems are based on a premise of “winner take all” and without careful consideration of the broader impact of our decisions, we exist on the precarious precipice of potential collapse.

Our collective future requires a new perspective. A perspective mindful of our interconnectedness. Mindful of the ripple effect of our actions and decisions. Mindful of what it means to be human.

At rth labs, we focus squarely at the intersection of human potential and technological progress. We believe that great work should deliver business value while also being a vehicle for human evolution and planetary flourishing.

Thank you for reading,


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